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Lack of Clarity on Covid-19 Restrictions Causing Confusion - Cllr. Cathal Byrne

Following the Government’s latest announcement of restrictions and guidelines due to increases in new Covid-19 cases across the Country, Councillor Cathal Byrne a local Enniscorthy Councillor commented, “The lack of clear communication from the Government on the latest Covid-19 restrictions is leading to confusion among the public.”

“People can’t understand spectators not being at matches but you can go to a crowded beach without restriction. The reasons haven’t been adequately communicated to people. If cases can be traced back to attendances at matches then the Government should say this to the public.”

“When the pandemic first hit communication was very sharp and there was a clearly laid out roadmap for the next steps. We knew what the restrictions would be if the number of new Covid-19 cases went up and we knew which restrictions would be lifted if the number of new confirmed Covid-19 cases went down."

"Since the new Government has taken over, there does not appear to be the same level of clarity. This is leading to a lot of confusion among the public in particular for businesses owners concerned about their businesses and for parents concerned about their children heading back to school.”

“People know what is at stake with this virus and they want to be responsible but the lack of clarity is muddying the waters about what the latest restrictions are and what possible future restrictions could be."

"I would strongly urge the Government particularly new Health Minister Stephen Donnelly TD to revisit and prioritise the idea of a roadmap for the restrictions rather than adopting a piecemeal approach,” concluded Councillor Cathal Byrne.


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