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Department of Housing’s Decision on Ferns Housing Project Hurts Ferns Families - Cllr. Cathal Byrne

“Following today’s meeting of Wexford County Council, I am very disappointed with the news that eight Ferns families who have applied for a social home are going to lose out on getting houses after the Department of Housing have turned down Wexford County Council’s application to build an additional eight social homes at Rosemary Heights in Ferns village,” commented local Enniscorthy Councillor Cathal Byrne.

“I regularly meet families at my monthly clinic in Ferns who wish to rent a home in Ferns from Wexford County Council. These are local families who grew up locally in Ferns and want to continue to live locally.”

“In a village of 1,500 people this was the sole social housing project that Wexford County Council had applied to the Department of Housing for approval to build directly. This rejection means that Wexford County Council will now have to go back to the drawing board to look at a new project.”

“It is very disappointing two weeks before Christmas to have to ring people in Ferns as a local Councillor and tell them that this housing project which they have been waiting on will now not be built in Ferns because the Department of Housing has turned the project down.”

“At this month’s meeting of Wexford County Council, I urged the Council to contact the Department of Housing and Minister Darragh O’Brien and request that they reconsider their decision and allow the project to be reassessed.”

“I understand that Wexford County Council are now looking at alternative options including turnkey projects in Ferns.” concluded Councillor Cathal Byrne.


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