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PRSI Change Good News - Cllr. Cathal Byrne

Local Enniscorthy Councillor Cathal Byrne has welcomed the news today that the Government will support changes to the rules around PRSI so that workers who were temporarily laid off from their job or who have had their wages paid via the Wage Subsidy Scheme due to Covid-19 will be credited with full PRSI contributions/stamps.

Councillor Cathal Byrne said, "This is a welcome proposed change as it protects a workers entitlement to illness benefit, maternity and paternity benefit and pensions into the future as a workers PRSI contributions/stamps will now have been deemed to be have been paid during any period where they received the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment or were paid via the Wage Subsidy Scheme."

"I’m am glad to see this change introduced as I have been contacted by constituents worried about where they stood in circumstances where they will be seeking to avail of maternity or paternity benefit in the future but who recently lost their job temporarily due to COVID-19. Now they have certainty that their PRSI contributions will be counted as being paid and they will still be able to qualify for maternity and paternity benefit." concluded Councillor Cathal Byrne.


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